Keep track of KONCAI people to visit Sichuan Province

Are you itching to touch adorable giant panda? Do you want to admire miraculous Dujiangyan Irrigation System? Have you challenged Mount Emei Climbing to see Golden Summit and clouds sea? Are you always attracted by the grandness of sacred Leshan Giant Buddha statue? Are you curious about what is Chengdu local culture and customs? If you are longing to savor the scenic spots as above, please keep track of KONCAI people who took a company tour in Sichuan Province from August 8 to August 13, 2019. During the 6 days, KONCAI Aluminum Cases Ltd visited all the wonderful historic and scenic places. Go there and use your imagination, maybe you will discover a new sight by yourself.

Our Solutions, An Element of Your Charms

In April 2018, at the invitation of one of KONCAI’s partners, a big cosmetics brand in Japan, several KONCAI people went to Japan for a six-day business journey. On the sidelines of business, they visited landmark and symbolic spots in Honshu Island, such as Osaka Castle Park, Kyomizu Temple, Shinsaibashi, Mount Fuji, Tokyo Imperial Palace & Nijubashi Bridge etc..

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Based in China, Think Global

From the year of 2000 in which the company was established in Hong Kong, KONCAI Aluminum Cases Ltd (briefly called “Koncai” or “KC”) has never failed to keep moving.

The Art of Facial Makeup in Peking Opera

The year of 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Silk Art Creative Park (also briefly called “SAC Park”). On the occasion of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, SAC Park conducted colorful activities on the theme of Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as theme symposium, Chi-pao Fashion Show, Creative Marketplace and Peking Opera Performance.

KONCAI shines at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

From March 16th to 19th, in tandem with Cosmo|Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon dedicated to the professional beauty world, the China and Taiwan pavilions are open to visitors. As one of representatives of Chinese suppliers, KONCAI spent four busy and rewarding days at the Booth 34 (C18), with a large number of classics and highlights attracting crowds of visitors and potential international buyers.