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"Grinding of a Wolf's teeth"


June 24, 2022, KONCAI's sales team joined the 22nd training event of "Grinding of a Wolf's teeth" which lasted 2 days 1 night!

With the main highlights of the training being, "learning to have ambition & braveness like a wolf", "be persistence & have seriousness like a wolf", "no matter how many obstacles are in front of you or how difficult things get", to not flinch but boldly keep facing them front on!

The most touching of this training course was the 22 military rules.


Rule 1: unconditional Enforcement
US President Eisenhower once said to the West Point cadet: "Any language is pale, the only thing you need is execution & one action is better than a dozen plans". 
Obedience is the basic work philosophy required from a good employee while also agreeing with the company's corporate culture as well as doing your job faithfully & strictly abiding the company's norms & disciplines.

Rule 2: no excuses

"No excuses" the saying goes deeper then the general meaning itself not is it a slogan but rather a very important terminology & conduct we should pursue in life.



Rule 3: being attentive to details makes or breaks
Some people says that no matter what you do, simply grasp the big picture & don't worry about the details. But little do they know "The embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by the ant's nest". If you aren't attentive to details it very often leads to much bigger problems.

Rule 4: use your boss as an example
As the saying goes, "there are people outside of people, there are mountains outside of mountains", because there is the existence of people who are stronger than me is your sole motivation to be even better! 
It is a fortunate thing to meet people who are stronger because it means you'll have a wonderful and infinite life in the future. For people or things that we should learn from, always try you best as that the correct attitude in life.


Rule 5: the honor principle
Whether there is a sense of honor is related to the either the success or failure of things & honor is determined by one's own heart.
I don't know how many people in the world are content with the status quo, just because there is no strong sense of honor, so they simply pass it by, by repeating on your daily routines in life there will never be a feeling of working hard to be passionate about your goals!

Rule 6: popularity
People try to travel around the world, always tries to be at peace & get along with everybody.
As the saying goes, "Whoever wins people's hearts wins the world" meaning a person who can be loved by others can have both sides in the society.

Rule 7: be good at cooperation
In life, communication and cooperation with others are inevitable while developing of good cooperation habits will relate to the quality of life as well as the success or failure of a business. After all, one's power is limited, only by realizing the optimal combination of resources, collaborating with same like-minded individuals can we achieve the wishes that we can't achieve by ourselves.

Rule 8: teamwork
Team spirit is a sense of the overall situation, the concentrated embodiment is the spirit of collaboration & service, the core is collaboration which truly reflects the unity of each individual & team's interests, thus ensuring the efficient operation of the team.
The formation of team spirit does not require members to sacrifice themselves, on the contrast by showing your  personality & expertise ensures that the every team jointly complete the the given objectives and paves a clear willingness to collaborate plus on how to collaborate creates a real inner motivation.

Rule 9: only number 1
Throughout the ages, people will only remember the number one while for the second little is known or silently known as in the difference in obscurity.
Whether its an sector or industry, people will always only remember number 1. Like so many athletes, people will only remember the number 1's name as it is the most valuable, existential as only being number 1 will most people remember you.

Rule 10: dare to take risks
Dare to take risks is to explore things that you don't know, haven't been exposed to just like having the courage to enter the "minefield" which you never entered before while appreciating the joy that comes of with the success that comes after taking such risks.
If you are timid, afraid of failure, fears of taking risks then you will have no chance of success.

Rule 11: spirit of a fire
"Spirit of a fire" is simply being down-to-earth & be passionate in doing things. Fire represents multiple meanings such as light, justice, valiant and bravery, as well as the spirit of fearlessness, righteousness & hard work that our ancestors showed in the process of discovery while using and paying to the attention to using fire.

Rule 12: Constantly improving yourself
More important than working hard is to elevate your thinking level. Einstein once said: "It is difficult to solve problems at this level by thinking at this level, only by thinking at a higher level can one achieve the so-called "dimension reduction strike".
In short, if you want to solve a problem, you must first upgrade your thinking. Whatever way of thinking you make is whatever kind of choices you make while the choices you make, in turn will determine your life.


Rule 13: the Brave's Game
A life, a game, a dream. Life is a game, there will always be winners & losers so don't worry about it, however this is a game that only the brave can play because only those who persevere in their dreams can win.

Rule 14: Go all out
Going all out is a state of mind that we must do when we do anything. In the face of difficulties, learn to resolve & overcome it rather than choose to escape route. Once you have set out your goals, you must never give up until you reach your goals & don't give yourself the determination to retreat.

Rule 15: do your due diligence
Doing your due diligence is a dedication, a courage to challenge difficulties, conscientiousness & determination to overcome everything. 
Do your due diligence & take responsibility on your work, having a positive adaptation to the work environment as well as loyalty & abide to one's mission.

Rule 16: nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible in life as long as went want it, go do it as no matter how great the difficulty is will it no longer be difficult. Difficulties are just obstacles for those who don't want to do it, those who really chase their dreams will not put these difficulties into account because as long as they try their best, these difficulties will be easily resolved.
So, don't ask yourself whether you can or not, the key is whether you want it or not! As long as you want it, then go and fight as one day your goal will become a reality.

Rule 17: never give up
Never give up means don't give up, never give up.
For those things that you have identified wanting, don't give up easily, read between the lines, emphasize a fighting spirit, implode a force not afraid of any dangers & a belief that won't die until you reach your goal.

Rule 18: dedication
Dedication in work is not just about getting your monthly pay, work hard with confession, most importantly consider your work as your own business, integrate a sense of mission and morality because one's job isn't just about making a living but rather find the value of our life through our work.

Because no matter where you are, whatever job you do, professionalism is the most valuable asset towards success!


Rule 19: fight for your own struggles
Fighting your struggles is an act of human pursuit of higher spiritual, material levels as well as the easiest & most direct means for each of us to achieve our dreams as well as life goals. Fighting our struggles can make our life more fulfilling, meaningful as well as our thinking to keep improving.
So the true meaning in fighting our struggles means to realize the value of our life, live a live without regrets as well as for the happiness of our family.

Rule 20: concept first
Concept first means that you must first introduce the concept & policy first then accordingly implement it. That is think before action before implementation!

Rule 21: spontaneity
Spontaneity is a precious quality and spirit which activates people's thinking, stimulates human's potential, makes people more agile & positive.
"Automatic" means always ready to seize any opportunity, "spontaneously" means to show work performance that exceeds the expectations of others!
That is in order to complete any given tasks have wisdom & judgment by breaking rules when necessary!

Rule 22: acting straight away
Immediate action is an important attitude to have towards your work, doing it right away is also a habit & self-motivation. When we are actively working on our work not not only will it make us more efficient as well as achieving good self control.
If things are put off for too long then there will definitely be more things that we are delaying.


Through this whole training event I hope everyone from KONCAI who attended to firmly remember these 22 rules and really apply them to their work & life to make themselves a sparkling person!

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