KONCAI Elite Team: Don't Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely


“Life is not a problem to be solved, not a misfortune to be sustained, not a suffering to be beard, but a reality, a beauty and a romance to be experienced.”

 ——Xiaosong Gao



KONCAI Elite Team

Don't Forget Why We Started and Move Forward Bravely


On January 5, 2020, KONCAI elite team started from the company, drove to Wutong mountain. 

In early spring, shenzhen is a place of deep enchantment.

There has a Wutong moutian, located on the east side of Shenzhen. It is the highest mountain in Shenzhen (943.7m) and people joke that to prove you have lived and worked in Shenzhen you have to climb Wutong mountain at least once.



This is a really super long way to go! However nothing can stop us to the top of the mountain.


As you know, the scenery there is spectacular. We enjoyed the fresh air, we enjoyed the green foods, we talked about the nature, we talked about the vision then.



When we am here, we have a sudden impulse to get away from city life.


The most beautiful scenery of Wutong Mountain is the clouds floating from the sea. The mountain is often covered with clouds,like a fairyland,so there is also the name of "Wusuowutong".


KONCAI elite team participates in the mountain climbing activities, which not only tests the will and ability of the employees, butalso greatly improve the overall quality of staff an team awareness. Not only can enhance work efficiency but also can enhance friendship among colleagues in future work through intensifying team consciousness. Apart from increasing the level of awareness across the team, it will fire up high-energyindividuals.

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Extra story: So the next day I found myself not be able to get out of the bed and trying to move my legs with my hands......


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