Win or Lose, Your Chance & Your Experience!

Win or Lose, Your Chance & Your Experience!

——Sales Campaign in March & September



Since COVID-19 epidemic broke out in January 2020, all exhibitions in China and abroad have been canceled. Foreign trade sales have had to find new clients through e-mail and E-commerce platforms.


Since January 2020 till now, the price of raw materials, inflation as well as shipping costs has risen sharply while the exchange rate of USD / RMB has decreased from 1:7 to 1:6.4 meaning the profit and cash flow of foreign trading companies as well as manufacturers dropping.

To maintain foreign trading companies in vitality during the serious epidemic situation, the e-commerce companies in Longgang District organized a sales performance competition in March and September to keep our spirits up.

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Leaders discuss PK details

Why March and September?

Generally, March and September are peak seasons for foreign trades as almost all workers will go home to celebrate the Chinese New Year in late January or early February. After about a 20 day long leave, orders delivered before Chinese New Year holiday would have been consumed and we must get into top gear as soon as possible. The March PK event is quite helpful for us putting into consideration of the above two factors. While Super September is the best month to get potential orders before the Christmas season.

Obviously sales competition held in these two months is not just about getting more potential orders but to improve our sales skills and expand our client base for the future.


Team member holds his/her own goal card


Team leader picks up the flag

Based on the assessment of goal completion rate, the number of new clients, personal completion rate, two enterprises can also make a duel fight in the respect of goal completion rate.


Duel fight between KONCAI and another company

Win or lose, the PKs is a real experience to learn from other seniors and improve yourselves as well as your chance to find clients and get more orders.


 KONCAI and our duel fighter share what we have learned from the PK

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