Is “Feather for Sugar” lying in Koncai?

Thanks to fascinating exterior, ergonomic streamline and design together with eco-friendly and durable material, Koncai cosmetics organizers caught the eyes of well-known industry specialists and beauty professionals from such countries and regions as Jordan, Australia, Canada, the United States etc.. They came to our booth C-F05 at Yiwu International Expo Center, and some even confirmed partnership on the spot.

How should adults reminisce past childhood on Children’s Day?

In November 1949 when the congress of Women International Democratic Federation (also known as WIDF) was held in Moscow, the Soviet Union led the call for a date to draw attention to child issues and pushed for the publication of modern children’s books with illustrations.

The Art of Facial Makeup in Peking Opera

The year of 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Silk Art Creative Park (also briefly called “SAC Park”). On the occasion of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, SAC Park conducted colorful activities on the theme of Intangible Cultural Heritage, such as theme symposium, Chi-pao Fashion Show, Creative Marketplace and Peking Opera Performance.